I. Hector, eldest son of Donald of Coll, was the progenitor of the Macleans of Gallanach. He lived in Mull. He was married and had two sons, Charles and Neil Ban. His descendants were known as Sliochd Eachainn Mhic Dhomhnaill, or the offspring of Hector the son of Donald. Neil Ban resided at Balliscate, near Tobermory. He had a son named Charles, who settled in Coll, and had a son named John. John, Iain Mac Thear- laich, occupied the farm of Trialan. He had two children, Hector and Isabel. He died in 1760. His daughter was married to Donald Campbell. Hector had five children ; John, Flora, Isabel, Ann, and Jane. He died in 1818. John, Iain Mac Eachainn Mhic Iain, had five sons ; Hector,